Tom and Jerry

motions flow out through words and the relief that sense out through this is this is what i see in WordPress,it just compress our feelings,so why don’t we go for a try on this success  mantra.So here I am with my first post in word press.

Everybody struggles in life alot to meet up the both sides. ,in there busy run they missed so many things that will never come back again.when you turn back the most painful miss ever in everybodies life is their childhood.I bet your childhood friends remain for ever and that nostalgic feeling that you get after seeing your friend and ex(well thats super exciting)after a long while is beyond the words.but I really miss those days and I just want to head back to those tensionless days.Pretty hard huh..Always got limits for as to get rid on those feelings I just depend upon my partner in crimes well that’s certainly about my nephew Habis a five year old boy.Secrets are difficult to handle but in case with this superguy I got a deal and I need to stick with that. and he is my Jerry and infact an entertainer in the show.well Tom(Me😡) got some nice kicks from two ladies (thats my mom and sissie).But I pray these days should never vanish because I just love to remain naughty with my jerry.😎😎

well Tom and Jerry got some time for candy pics



Critics are always welcome since I am new to this platform☺


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