It’s really sick-Home sick 😠😠





Being away from home is some kind horrible feeling that will make you feel really sick,and it’s the void space that creates between you and the one whoom you always want to stick to.we cannot neglect anything as it reflects right from your cozy bed to the buetiful fragnance of night breeze in your hometown.But I would say this can be replaced and gets changed when u pull over.what is that draws me back to my hometown,yes without any doubt i can say its my Mom.The absence of her love,affection,carring that really makes me can never expect such hospitality from any corner of this world.some times god separate us from these ladies to treasure their love and affection,but when you found this unconditional love, you are miles away to experience that.Pray for your mother,nourish and cherish every single moment that you got with her because she is the only one who hears you with her heart.


Ashik aka @$#😜😜



Hey folks,it’s my return to wordpress podium after long gap. I don’t know what resist me in putting my emotions and happiness on words during these days however I was following WordPress friends and used to comment on their writtings.we will be in touch☺



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