Do i gain some pounds???😕😕

I guess this will be same question most of them will be asking  themselves in front of the mirror when somebody shows his/her concern over our weight.Few weeks back I posted a photo with my college mates in FB wall , it was infact a reunion after college days.In our busy day schedule,if we got chance for a reunion with your friends especially college mates,go for it and make the full  out of it.Earlier i used to make some lame excuses but now i realise at the end of day these memories will spread smile on your face.Coming to our topic,when i was checking my notification,Surprisingly(yea Man) i found a comment regarding My weight,Yes they pinpointed me only lol,i never get offended because some facts we need to admit and take it in positive spirit.Since i am away from home and moved overseas for work, i never take much care on foods.Hotel foods and Junk foods will obviously increase your waist size.So i decided to experiment myself.

if you ask my friends,they will definitely comment about my football freak.i played football for school level and inter college level,YES the same me only, but today i don’t how i complete one lap during my jogging.i don’t want to see myself in such a position,so i decided to spend some time for workout and to be back with a fine results.

Today’s generation like me definitely need a workout plan as you can see the toll raises for diseases among young generation.The only remedy for this problem is having a proper diet and workout plan.first point is bit difficult for a bachelor living away from home and you know it:p,but to some extend we can take care of that also.Now adays i am concentrating more on my workout plan.As a initial stage,i started jogging and it gives me confidence and possitive vibes for a perfect start.During jogging you will get a chance a to meet lot of new friends.Proper workout plan improves your discipline in all aspects of will make your mind fresh with some good thoughts.

Thankyou my friend for motivating me and here is the photo i posted on Facebook.its me at the left end.:)



Share your Experience on workout plans.i would love to hear that from you guys!!





8 thoughts on “Do i gain some pounds???😕😕

  1. Working Out is Good for us, cause Exercise gives Oxygen to the Brain. Besides if you give up just 30 minutes of your Laziness, for Exercise / Workouts, you will find the Whole Day going Positively.
    And yes, we do make a lot of friends when we go jogging or to the gym.

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  2. Its not just the Toll of Stress that makes us eat too much and put on weight. Its also the Foods. Everything is “Processed” today. You never get to chew on a piece of flesh like mutton or chicken. Everything is flatened and preserved and served from the freezers to the microwaves. How many young kids and college kids are obese today!!


  3. It’s good to know that you also had same out plan through out the day make you feel energetic.
    Yeah I totally agree with your point on processed food,as it becomes unavoidable in our daytoday life.some poeple are addicted to it bit on the other hand some poeple are with nochoice.latter I talked about the stage of a professional who are away from the family for earning bread and butter.Time may become a constraint for them to have self cooked dishes.


  4. I think you look great. Fitness is important though not just for weight loss but also for our overall well-being. I try and work out but I am not very disciplined. I hope to become more committed in eating healthy and working out this year. Great post!


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