Am I lost?

Do you have set of goals in your life? I believe answer will be YES for majority out here.Right from our childhood our parents started grooming ourselves to grab a job that must have societal reputation.Are u truly into achieving your dream goals?Are u truely determined?Are we showing justice towards ourselves.

In a country like india becoming an engineer or doctor is not  mission impossible as we got plenty of Money grabing institution for needy.if you got money in hand,any body can have these titles on your name.but who will be the ultimate looser.?forget about the institution,here I need to pinpoint our determination towards our interest and goals.if you are truly into it no hurdles can stop your run.These attitude and grooming is required for our child from the very beginning.Try to know your child interest,likes and dislikes,because all these plays a crucial role in shapping his/her future.

some times the jobs you are into it does not give you a mental satisfaction Everyday you will be leading a robotic life to live your life like everybody .i don’t know how many of you reading are not loving their jobs and worried of their future.The reason may be failure of finding ourselves,finding our interest,setting our goals and determination.if you don’t have any goals or interest,you will feel lost.Thats what put you in mental trauma or depression.

I want all the wonderful readers to comment on 

1.where we are getting lost,

2.what next(solution)

Thankyou . ..have a happy weekend☺


8 thoughts on “Am I lost?

  1. You have mostly answered them yourself. Many people do things under societal pressure and hence lack job satisfaction. It’s a horrible state to be in and in my opinion one should atleast simultaneously do something about their dreams.
    And those who have no aim in life, that’s perhaps the worst way to be and I really wish people who care about them, help them come out of it.


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