Somebody says me the bestoutfit you can wear forever is a smile.yes it is,i also agree with the same will always give you nice start for the day and spread possitive energy for you and the person who is surrounding you.we the humans easily get into the habbit of judging poeple so early with out knowning their whereabouts,emotions,feelings etc.if a person doesn’t smile it does not reflect his just reflect the state of mind he is going all you can do is treat him a pleasent smile and get him over the feeling to make him cheer. It can transform state of mind and gives you a fresh start.if you start a converstaion with smile,listener also pay respect to you smile is respect in this case.A smile can erradicates the enemity between the its an antidot for rivalry.more over it keeps you healthy as well.

So what are you waiting for 

Begin the day with a SMILE…..☺☺☺


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